Monday, April 23, 2012

Carmel Half Marathon 2012 Race Review

Carmel Half Marathon Race Review by Fifty States HALF Marathon Club member Chad Dudley

Just finished the Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend Half and just missed my PR by 21 seconds at 1:54:39. Overall a great race and not many hills so made for a fast course. Note to self always make sure your gps watch is on and has a signal before you cross the start line, this cost me over a min and a PR, but that is my fault and not the watch. Stupid mistakes cost runners time and this one for sure cost me. I really enjoy the route and for it's second year the volunteers did a great job. Water stations could have been a few more of them but other than that the route was blocked off very well by local law enforcement and even some National Guard Soldiers (Thanks very much to them as a Soldier myself it was great seeing them out there). I would like to see the Corals done a little better too as it was very congested at the start of the race. Overall I would recommend this to anyone who wants a fairly flat course and needs IN as a 50 Stater!